Our Mobile App is now launched!

We are now launching our mobile app for Android phones and tablets. You can find it in the Google Play Store, for example by clicking on the button below. The app for iOS is coming soon. Further down, you can read about the functionality of the mobile app and how it works.

Download on Google Play

Easier access to all your designs

The Mobile App gives you easier access to all the patterns you have subscribed to or purchased in our shop. All the patterns are collected on one page.

Also collect designs from other sites

There is also the possibility for you to upload patterns you have bought elsewhere, such as Ravelry. However, we want to test this feature for some time to ensure that it is not abused in any way. It is important that you have all your designs saved somewhere else as well, and that this service is only used to keep them conveniently in one place in our app. The designs you upload here can be a maximum of 4 MB per file. If we see that you are uploading larger files, the files will be removed.

Log in to the Mobile App

To access your designs in the mobile app, you must be logged in. To do so, click on “Log in” or “Login” at the bottom right. Here you should log in with your regular NCS account.

If you do not already have an account with NKS, you can create an account from the Mobile App.

Home screen

You can get to the Home screen by either clicking on ‘Home’ or ‘Home’ in the bottom left of the bottom menu, or by selecting ‘Home’ or ‘Home’ from the menu in the top left of the screen.

My NCS patterns

Once you have logged in, you will see the Home screen. Click on “My NKS patterns” to access the list of all your previously purchased or subscribed patterns.

My own pattern files

The Home screen also includes “My own pattern files” where you can upload your own pattern files so that you have all your patterns in one app.

Please note that you should always back up your files somewhere else as we are not responsible if the files are lost, or if we need to shut down this specific service.

About our subscriptions

Here you can read about the subscriptions we offer and sign up for a subscription if you haven’t already.

The shop

Here you can buy patterns which are then automatically available via “My NCS patterns” on the Home screen.

Our designers

Here you can read about which designers we at Nordic Knitting Society collaborate with and who are behind the patterns that you receive as a subscriber.

About NCS

Read more about the Nordic Knitting Society here.

Language setting

The app is currently available in Swedish and English, but we are working on making it available in more languages. You can change the language by clicking on the menu in the top left corner and then selecting ‘Change language’.

Open a pattern file on iPhone or iPad

When you click on My NKS patterns, you will see a list of all the pattern files that you have access to via the Nordic Knitting Society, i.e. subscribed patterns and those purchased in the NKS shop. When you click on one of the file names, the pattern appears directly on the screen.

Opening a pattern file on an Android device

When you click on My NKS patterns, you will see a list of all the pattern files that you have access to via the Nordic Knitting Society, i.e. subscribed patterns and those purchased in the NKS shop. When you click on one of the file names, that pattern will be downloaded to your phone/tablet’s file archive. This can be found by going into the Files app. When you go into the Files app, all your files are there. If you want to open the pattern inside the NCS app instead, you can do so by going to My Account -> Downloads. When you click on the pattern file there, it will open inside the app.

Become an in-app subscriber

If you have already subscribed online, you will already have access to your subscribed designs in the app. You can also subscribe from within the app. On the Home screen, click on ‘Our subscriptions’. There you can read more about the Pattern of the Month and the Sock Club. Click on the subscription you want to subscribe to. This will take you to that subscription in the shop. If you only want to buy this subscription, click on “Buy now” to go directly to the shopping cart. If you want to buy something else, click on “Add to cart” instead. The shopping cart can always be accessed both via the small shopping cart symbol in the top right of the screen and via “SHOPPING CART” in the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have added everything you want to buy to the shopping cart, go to the shopping cart and click on “Checkout” at the bottom right to proceed to payment.

Shop in the store

If you want to buy our designs, go to the Shop from the Home screen. After clicking on a pattern, click on “Add to cart” to add the pattern to the cart and continue shopping for patterns. If you want to go directly to the shopping cart, you can select “Buy now” on the pattern. From the shopping cart, click on “Checkout” to go to the checkout and proceed to payment.