Dora Socks


“I always have a sock in progress in my handbag. Sometimes I know exactly what it will be, sometimes I have a pair of finished sock feet waiting for an idea for a nice shaft. I knit all my socks from the toe, with a heel flap for best fit, and a reinforced heel. I only design socks I want to knit and wear myself”, says NKS:s amazing designer Maria Gustafsson, more known as @Mariasgarn on Instagram. Check her Instagram for more inspiration!

I am very fond of graphical patterns and squares, there are so many beauitiful square patterns. This summer one of my friends knitted a checkered, multicolored knit sweater. We met several times and talked about the sweater as her project was a bit “messy”, so when my sock feet needed shafts, checks felt just right. I then remembered that I had once seen squares created with lifted stitches instead of multi-color knitting. After quite a few tries (and many repeated shafts) I found a square that fit the Dora Sock sock shaft.
If you don’t like knitting socksfrom the toe, then you can start by knitting the pattern on Dora’s shaft and then knit your favorite sock foot from top to bottom, isn’t that great?

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Dora Socks

Yarn suggestions
Sock yarn approximately 210 m /
50 gram (420 m/100g)
Here we have used Arwetta as main colour and Björk from Fingerborgbutik ( as contrast colour. We suggest to use a yarn with small colour variation, that creates a nice effect.

Yarn requirements
Yarn MC, main colour: 50 gram
Yarn CC, contrasting coulour: 15 gram

Double pointed needles 2,5 mm (US 1).

Approx. 32 st stockinette or slip stitch pattern/10 cm.

One stitch marker to mark beginning of round can make things easier.

Women/Men – adjust to fit your foot’s length