Feather light sweater


The featherweight sweater is, as the name suggests, a lightweight sweater that can be worn indoors. Usually, knitted garments in 3-strand wool are too warm to wear indoors, but because the sweater is knitted with larger needles than recommended for such yarns, the effect is airier and cooler. Sweater
construction gives a spacious feel.
The sweater is short and the fit is light and casual without being all the way up the armhole. A shirt or dress should be able to be worn comfortably under the garment. The sweater is knitted in the round and from the top down in one piece, which allows you to try on the garment during the knitting process and to make corrections for the desired fit.

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3-strand wool, for example from Ullcentrum. 200 m/100 g or any other yarn of the same length

Yarn consumption
ca 375(400)450(500)550(600) g

Bust measurement
86(95)105(115)125(135) cm

Sizes according to chest measurement:
95(104)114(124)134(144) cm

Test patch: Knit and wash a test patch to make sure you get the right knitting strength.

Gauge: 14 sts x 21 rows = 10 x 10 cm in stockinette stitch with size 6 needles. Measure after blocking, lying flat.

Knitting needles: 4.5 mm circular knitting needles for neck and cuffs and 6 mm for the garment, or the size of knitting needles.
to achieve correct gauge.

Accessories: Markers, braid stick, darning needle.

Choose a size that is based on the bust measurement you want on a finished garment and that fits well.
The sweater should have a range of motion of 7-9 cm so as not to be too tight on the body. Similarly, the armholes of the jersey should be
spacious to create wiggle room in the finished garment.