Blomsterchock socks


In the spring, when the shrubs and bushes are growing and snapping, you can almost feel a little shocked by all the
splendor that nature offers.
I wanted to capture some of that in these socks with the bright green that we find in both leaves and grass together.
with the colors of the flowers. Here we find bluebells, cowslips, lilacs and roses.
If you prefer a more saturated color scheme, there are alternatives. Then there is a silver-grey background
along with rich colors like curry, plum, grass and petrol,” Anna writes about the Flower Shock pattern.

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Small (Medium, Large)
The circumference around the foot of the sock, i.e. the first purple stripe on the sock, is 15 (17.5, 19.5) cm to fit
a foot with a circumference of 15-17.5 (17.5-20, 20-22.5) cm. The length of the sock is adjustable.
To make the socks fit well on the foot, choose a size about 2.5 cm narrower than the circumference of the foot and knit them 2.5 cm shorter than the length of the foot.

Yarn requirements
Limmo-design hand-dyed sock yarn, 420m/100g
gfg Green I/Silver: 120 (140, 160) m
mfg1 Syren/Plomon: 40 (65, 85) m
mfg2 Lemon/Petrol: 40 (65, 85) m
mfg3 Sky Blue/Green I: 40 (65, 85) m
mfg4 Pink Marzipan/Curry: 40 (65, 85) m
Note that the amount of yarn used may differ depending on the length of the foot.

With knitting needles 2.25 mm, stocking stitch: 38 sts x 52 rows, garter stitch: 36 sts x 54 rows = 10×10 cm.
I knit hard so it may be necessary to go down to thinner needles to achieve the knitting strength.

2 stitch markers
1 removable stick marker
Darning needle
Residual yarn, about 60 cm long
2.25 mm circular knitting needle 80 or 100 cm long or the needle size needed to achieve knitting strength.