Mint chocolate socks


These lovely socks were the socks of the month in the sock club September 2023, and are designed by Anna @yarnesty Friberg ❤.

This is how Anna describes her new pattern #Mint chocolate socks

“Sometimes when I hold a yarn, the yarn itself tells me what it wants to be. As if it’s the yarn, and not me, that comes up with the pattern. That’s what happened with this beautiful yarn.
The mint green color, along with the contrasting chocolatey dark tones, reminds me of a very special kind of chocolate candy with air bubbles in it that I always make sure to buy when I’m in the UK. They just melt on the tongue and then distinct notes of mint emerge. Amazingly good and something I can highly recommend.
So the idea was to capture the feeling of eating this candy, in a sock. The mint mixed with the chocolate, knitted in a soft fluffy yarn. To emphasize this idea, some chocolate squares can also be distinguished in the structural pattern of the sock. I want to wish you a tasteful knitting!

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A, B, C, D
The socks are designed to be close-fitting with a negative range of motion of about 1-4 cm to fit feet with a circumference of 16.5-19.5 (19.5-22.5, 22.5-25.5, 25.5-29.5) cm.

Note that two threads are knitted together, one thread Sandnes Sisu 80% wool / 20% polyamide, stretch 175m/50g one thread Isager Silk Mohair, 70% kid mohair 30% silk, stretch 212m/25g

Yarn needed
Ground color, gfg: 150 (170, 180, 200) meters per yarn
Pattern color, mfg: 130 (150, 170, 190) meters in each colour

Keep in mind that the amount of yarn used may change depending on how long the foot of the sock is knitted.

Knitting tension
26 sts and 35 rows = 10×10 cm in stockinette stitch after blocking. The socks are knitted with a tight knit to make them more durable.
Make sure that both the mesh and warp density are correct to ensure that the socks fit well on the foot. I knit hard so you may need to go down in needle size, to achieve knitting strength.

Circular knitting needles 80 cm, or or choose the knitting needles you prefer to knit socks with, such as short 23 cm circular needles, classic sock knitting needles or so-called Flexi-flops.

The sample was knitted on 3.5 mm needles. Choose the knitting size that gives the right knitting strength, read more under Knitting strength below.

5 stick markers of which one unique to use as a lap marker
Darning needle