Norrfällsvikens socks


In the middle of the magnificent Höga Kusten World Heritage Site lies the beautiful little fishing village of Norrfällsviken. The reason why we found this place for the first time, quite a few years ago, was because of the… small campsite located above the fishing village. We instantly fell for the campsite, which is quite different other campsites I have visited in the past. Throughout area, it is full of pine trees and the ground is covered with of a soft cover of pine needles. If you follow a small The path from the campsite leads to the coast. and can look out over an impressive view of the sea.
and the archipelago. We liked the place so much that we came back one more time. the second time when we did our big Norrlands
vacation a few years ago. I particularly remember
how we ate at the small fish restaurant located on a pier surrounded by small a jetty surrounded by small red fishing sheds.
was a wonderful experience to sit there and enjoy the
of the fine food while the sun’s rays of the sun were reflected in the bay’s water.
One memory that has really stuck with me is when my daughter and I and my daughter went on a sunny morning on a lovely jog along the coast. We jogged along the seemingly endless beach while the the sun slowly climbed the sky and and the birds chirped in the sky.
If you ever
visit this beautiful place, I can
recommend a small detour on the way back to
Mjällom’s bakery, where you can try your hand at baking.
their own flatbread!
This is the story of the creation of Norrfällsviken socks told by designer Anna Friberg, who can also be found as @yarnesty on Instagram.

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Yarn suggestions
Opal Single-color 4-strand, 75% superwash wool / 25% nylon,
425 meters per 100 grams
Limmo Design solid color sock yarn, 75% superwash wool / 25% nylon, 425 meters per 100 grams
or other sock yarn with a stretched length of 390-430 meters per 100 grams.

Estimated yarn consumption
230 (260) 290 (320) 360 meters of yarn with the same stretch/100 m.