Östergyllen Sock


About the design
The first part of the socks that forms the tip of the shaft is knitted crosswise. The cast-on and ending stitches are knitted together to form a ring. Next, stitches are picked up at the upper end of the shaft to knit the cuff of the sock. Then stitches are picked up at the lower end of the shaft to knit a cuff which is for holding the sock in place. After that, the heel, foot and toe of the sock are knitted. The pattern contains both written instructions and diagrams

Östergyllen Sockor
Östergyllen / Östgötasången
Så grant står Östergyllen i sommarfager prakt
och skördarna, de gyllene, de bölja.
Välhundra vita kyrktorn på slätten hålla vakt,
längs insjöstrand där glittervågor skölja.

Ej finns en nejd så härlig,
så fager som vår bygd,
där gamla minnen sova
i gröna björkars skygd,
vårt barndomshem, vårt fagra Östergyllen!
by Sten Granlund (1871-1917)

Östergötland is the region I moved to one late summer day over 30 years ago when I was about to start my engineering studies at the university.

The wide landscape around Östergötland is beautiful in the summer.
I often look upon that plain when I go to work.
Östergötland region has many lovely hidden places. The beautiful lakes surrounded by the oak landscape south of the city Linköping, the deep forest ‘Kolmårdskogarna’, the canal ‘Göta Kanal’, where I often walk, just to name a few places.
I hope you will be curious about visiting Östergötland!
/Anna “Yarnesty” Friberg

Thank you to Maria Lindstrand and Sofia Linderholt for the loan of your beautiful photos!

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In the pattern, discount codes for the yarn will be found at both “Östgötska handfärgarna”, Manduzana and Cloudberry Yarns for a limited period of time.
Manduzana Sock, 75% merino, 25% nylon, stretch 425m/100g

Yarn requirements
250 (280) 310 (340) 370 meters or
Cloudberry Yarns Socktastic, 75% merino, 25% nylon, stretch 400m/100g
Yarn requirements
Main colour: 200 (240) 270 (320) 330 meters
Contrasting colour: 70 (80) 85 (90) 100 meters or other thin, durable sock yarn with approx. 400m/100g.
Keep in mind that the yarn consumption of the main color can change depending on how long the foot of the sock should be.

34 m and 45 rows = 10×10 cm in stockinette stitch in the round.
The gauge was achieved with needles 2.5 mm, but I knit tightly so you may need to choose one or two sizes smaller on the needles to achieve same

A (B) C (D) E
The socks are designed to be tight, approx. 1-5 cm smaller than the foot it should fit on. Calculated foot measurements around the foot of the sock, 13.5 (16) 18 (20.5) 23 cm to fit a foot with a circumference around the front of the foot (just inside the toes) of 14.5-18.5 (17-21) 19-23 (21.5-25.5) 24-28 cm.