East Aros socks


Östra Aros was the name given to the city we know today as Uppsala.
Aros means estuary and refers to the place where the Fyrisån river meets Lake Mälaren.
Anna Friberg, the designer who designed the pattern, used the Fyrisån river as inspiration for this pattern. If you want to follow Anna on Instagram, you can find her at @Yarnesty.

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Size – 1 (2) 3 (4) 5
Sock circumference: 15 (17.5) 20 (22.5) 25 cm.
Fits a foot circumference of: 16-20 (18.5-22.5) 21-25 (23.5-27.5) 26-30 cm, measured around the back of the foot.

Consider this when choosing your size
The sock is designed to be knitted in a wool blend and wool stretches when you use it, then comes back together when you wash/rinse the socks. These socks are meant to be worn directly on the foot in regular walking shoes, so the sock needs to be knitted a little narrower and a little shorter than the foot it is meant to fit.

In this pattern, size is indicated by the circumference of the sock, which is usually 1-4 cm narrower than the foot is around the bottom of the arch (towards the toe). These socks have a braided pattern over the foot, so it narrows the sock a bit, but the sock should still have at least 1 cm less circumference than the foot.

The length of the sock is entirely determined when you work the part of the sock described in the pattern as the “foot”. foot. It is important to keep in mind that the socks will stretch a little when they are used and therefore the socks are knitted a little shorter than the foot on which they will fit. In the pattern, Anna has recommended that you knit the socks 1-2 cm shorter than the foot on which they will fit.

Yarn size: Fingering yarn, Sandnes Sisu (80% wool, 20% nylon) 175 m/50 g, or another suitable yarn with the same gauge 350 m/100 g.
Color A: 50 (100) 100 (100) 100 g
Color B: 50 (50) 50 (50) 50 g

The sock is knitted tightly for extra durability.
32 stitches x 42 rows = 10 x 10 cm

Knitting needles and accessories
Circular knitting needle 2.50 mm (80-100cm) possibly. Sock knitting needles: 2.50 mm or the size of needles that gives you the right knitting strength.
The first few rows are easiest to knit if you use the Magic Loop technique.
See instructional video here
If you prefer to use sock knitting, you can change after a few rounds.
Stitch markers – 4pcs including a unique lap marker
Darning needle