Saint Lucia Socks


For me, the Lucia celebration is an important part of Advent. Then we sit in front of Lucia morning on TV and have the coziest breakfast of the year with a big mug of hot chocolate, lussekatter and gingerbread. Later in the day, a few of us sing Lucia songs for our colleagues. It’s really nice to be able to share a bit of the Lucia spirit. And once Lucia has been celebrated, you know – it’s almost Christmas! This is how designer Anna Friberg describes her Saint Lucia pattern.

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Sizes – Small (Medium, Large)
The socks are designed to be slightly snug, about 0.5-2 cm smaller than the foot they are intended for
watch out. The socks fit feet with a circumference around the foot of 18-19.5 (21-22.5, 24-25.5) cm.
When choosing a size, keep in mind that multicolor knitting is not as stretchy as stockinette.
The size is chosen according to the circumference of the foot rather than length because the length of the sock is
adaptable. Work the socks about 1.5 cm shorter than the length of the foot.

Limmo-design 50-50 sock yarn (75% wool, 25% nylon) 420m/100g, or similar sock yarn.
stretching length and fiber content
Bottom color, BF: Vanilla 150 (170, 190) meters
Pattern color MF: Christmas red 170 (190, 210) meters
Keep in mind that the amount of yarn used may vary depending on the length of the socks. If the socks should fit
feet larger than shoe size 42 may require more than 50g for the pattern color (Christmas red), in which case
the heel can be knitted with the base color (vanilla)

The socks are knitted with a relatively tight knitting tension to make the socks extra durable.
34 stitches and 40 rows = 10×10 cm stocking stitch / multi-color knitting after blocking
Tensile strength was achieved at 2.5 mm

Knitting needles and accessories
1 lockable stick marker
2 stitch markers
Remaining yarn, about 60 cm
Darning needle
Your favorite sock knitting needles sized to achieve knitting strength. For the display sample, 2.5 mm needles were used. Your favorite sock knitting needles, one size smaller than the knitting tension. For the whisper specimen, 2.25 mm was used.