Sandvåg Sock


It is not only water that creates waves from the movement of the wind.
When you walk along the edge of a deserted beach, you can see through the shimmering water how the fine sand has formed waves.
As if the water waves were frozen to the bottom of the lake.
This was the image I had in mind when I created the Sandvåg socks.

Sandwave is knitted from the cuff down with a reinforced heel and heel gusset on the underside of the sock.
The pattern of waves runs all over the socks and on the top of the socks.

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About the design
The socks are worked in plain yarn from the cuff with a reinforced heel tab and heel gusset under the foot. The pattern consists of a structure that is made using purl, knit and crossed stitches. (The pattern has been the pattern of the month in Nordic Knitting Society’s sock club in June 2022)
Opal Single color 4 strand, 75% superwash wool / 25% nylon, 425 meters per 100 grams or
Limmo Design solid color sock yarn, 75% superwash wool / 25% nylon, 425 meters per 100 grams
or other sock yarn with a stretched length of 390-430 meters per 100 grams.
Estimated yarn consumption:
240 (270) 300 (330) 390 meters
The amount of yarn used depends on how long the foot of the sock is knitted.
34 stitches x 45 rows = 10 x 10 cm in stocking stitch after blocking
36 stitches x 45 rows = 10 x 10 cm in textured pattern after blocking
When the test sock was knitted, knitting strength on needles 2.5 mm was achieved.
Keep in mind that I knit hard, so you may need to go down to 2.0-2.25 mm needles.

Knitting needles and accessories
4 stitch markers
1 special lap marker
Darning needle
Cable needle
Knitting needles to knit with a small circumference, in one size to achieve knitting strength. For example circular knitting needles with a length of at least 80 cm,
double pointed needles, small 23 cm circular needle or CrazyTrios/FlexiFlops.

Sandvåg Sockor on social media
It would be great if you would share pictures of your socks on social media, both while you are knitting them and while you are wearing them.
and when they are ready! Tag them with #yarnesty and #SandvågSockor so we can find each other’s pictures and get inspired!
You are very welcome to join the discussion in our Forum at the Nordic Knitting Society where help is available and good company is provided.